Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

Child Passenger Safety Program

Know for Sure if Your Child is in the Right Car Seat

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Know for Sure...
Is Your Child in the Right Car Seat?

National Child Passenger Safety Week
— September 23 - 29, 2018

Tweens – Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up

  1. Seat Belt Safety for Tweens at NHTSA
  2. Tips to Keep Tweens Safe in Vehicles (pdf)
  3. Under 13 Tip Card (pdf)
  4. Under 13? Back seat and buckled up!! A 15-second video public service announcement encouraging parents and caregivers to have children under 13 ride in the backseat and buckle up. At NYS Department of Health

Know for Sure...
    Is Your Child in the Right Car Seat?

  1. Car Seats and Booster Seats at NHTSA
  2. 4 Steps 4 Kids (pdf) at NYS Department of Health
  3. Stacking Toy Poster (pdf)
  4. Baby Bottle Poster (pdf)
  5. Spanish Athlete Poster (pdf)
  6. Spanish Whitehouse Poster (pdf)
  7. Order form for Know for Sure Campaign Materials (pdf)