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New York State's Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program


Most of these forms are in MS Word.  If you have Word installed on your PC, you can click on the form link, it will open with Word.  If you have another word processing program, or if the form does not automatically open in Word, then use your mouse to right click on the form link and choose to save the file to your PC, so you can open it in your word processor.

DRE Forms & Links
Description Link
International Drug Evaluation & Classification Program
NY DRE Standards NY DRE Standards (MS Word®)
DECP National Standards DECP National Standards (pdf)
NYS Drug Recognition Expert School Application Form DRE School Application (MS Word®)
ARIDE Application ARIDE Application (MS Word®)
To certify that the DRE has complied with all of the re-certification standards DRE Recertification and Assurances (MS Word®)
Use to submit name, agency, address or contact information changes to the state coordinator. DRE Information Update Form (MS Word®)
GTSC/DRE Training Request Form GTSC/DRE Training Request Form (MS Word®)
GTSC Training Report Form - to be submitted by the instructor after a course is taught. GTSC Training Report Form (MS Word®)
NY DRE Instructor Application Form NY DRE Instructor Application Form (MS Word®)
NYS DRE Rolling Log Form (pdf document) NYS DRE Rolling Log Form (pdf)
NYS Drug Influence Evaluation - Face Sheet - Letter Size Face Sheet - Letter (pdf)
NYS DRE Travel Voucher DRE-TravelReport-2018.xlsx (MS Excel®)

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