Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

New York State's Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program

Pharmaceutical Diversion Training

This course will provide the student with a national overview of the abuse of prescription drugs (DAWN and NSDUH studies), an understanding of the Controlled Substance Act as it applies to prescription controlled substances and a description of prescription drug crimes and their victims.  For officers, suggestions will be provided for the targeting, investigating and reporting of these offenses.  Actual case examples will be used throughout the program. One major case investigation will be presented.  Each student will be given a packet containing resource materials on the diversion of prescription drugs that may be useful to their departments and communities.  Drug Bibles will be raffled at the end of the program. The instructors are retired law enforcement officers.

This training is being taught by staff members from Perdue Pharmaceuticals and the New York State Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement.

If you need further information contact the State Coordinator.

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