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New York State's Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program

DRE Recertification

DRE Recertification Training - This training is for certified DRE's only.

As specified in section III of the International Standards of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program, all drug recognition experts must recertify every two years following original certification.

  1. The New York Standards have added to section III that every DRE must attend eight hours of certified training every year. Certified training means training approved by the State Coordinators office.
  2. Drug Recognition Experts must attend one of the 8 Re-certification classes that will be held during 2016 in order to maintain their certification. DREs must bring their equipment and a fully charged tablet with them to class and be prepared to perform a full 12-Step Evaluation.
  3. If you attend the Annual IACP DRE Training Conference and receive a Certificate of Attendance this will count for one of the two eight hour trainings for recertification in your two year certification. Prior approval must be received by the State Coordinator.

Recertification requirements:

  2. Updated Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
  3. Minimum of four completed evaluations, with Toxicology, since last certification:

    1. One evaluation must be Instructor observed (Instructors will be available at the class for training evaluations)
  4. Updated Rolling Log.
  5. You must take a quiz and achieve 80% or higher.
  6. Completed DRE Certification and Assurances form.

If you need to recertify within the next six months, your paperwork is complete, and you have your 16 hours of training, you may send it to the State Coordinator.

If you need further information contact the State Coordinator.

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