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When you use public transportation...

When motorists see a yellow school bus, they know that children may be nearby, but although many children in New York State take a school bus to school, many others take public transportation - a public bus or the subway. Whether you use a public bus or a school bus, there are some safety rules you should follow.


The table below lists some rules that are the same for all buses.

School Bus   All Buses   Public Bus


Below is a picture of the area around a bus where the driver can't see you.  This area is the same for all buses and large trucks.

Large Vehicle Danger Zone


The next table lists some rules that are different for public buses and school buses.


Public transportation
Public Buses
School Bus
School Buses

StarNOTE:  Most public bus stops are at intersections. As soon as you get off the bus, you need to be alert.  You should never cross the street in front of a public bus.   Wait for the bus to pull away so you have a clear view of the street. Cross at the cross walk or street corner, and wait for the light to turn green or for the WALK crossing signal. Please see the Kids Safe Walking Page for the signs, signals and roadway markings which help you cross the street safely.


If you take the subway...


When you walk to and from the bus stop or subway station:

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