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Shenendehowa Billboard Art Contest 2017

2017 Entries to Promote Awareness of the Dangers of Drinking & Driving

On May 17, 2017 Shen High School student Madeline Dunne's billboard design was selected to appear on a billboard on Route 9. For 16 years the graphic design classes at the high school have teamed up with Lamar Advertising and Linda Campion from the Kathleen A. Campion Foundation to promote awareness of the dangers involved with drinking and driving.

She was hoping to teach children. Choose to drive sober.
Madeline Dunne's winning billboard design.


All of the billboard entries from the graphic design classes are shown below.

Play your cards right.  Drive sober.
Drunk Drivers will end 27 people's lives today
Gambling with life? Don't Drive Drunk
See clearly.  Driver sober.
2 in 3 will be involved in a drunk driving crash.
Empty glasses, empty lives.
Drunk Driver Deadly Driver
heart beat highway
DW(not)I Drive Sober. Save a Life
Drunk? Don't
Don't let this night be your last
What if THIS was the last thing you saw?  Drive Sober.
Don't make your 21st your last
Car insurance doesn't pay for lives.  Drive Sober.
Real life does not have a rewind.
Think outsie the box.
50% - 70% of Drunk Drivers Drive with a Suspended License.
Drunk driving kills.  From friends to memories
Bottle it up.  Drive sober.
Driving hammered will get you nailed.
Life is no game. Drive sober.
The faces of Drunk Drivers.
What's that smell? Drunk Driver.
Be the class to end drunk driving.
You Can't Choose Everything.  You can choose to drive sober.
The road ends here.  Drive Sober.
Her last words: I'm so scared.  Me too.  Drive Sober.
How are you getting home?
Don't end your game early. Drive sober.
Drunk behind the wheel, life behind bars.
Designated drivers save lives too.
Every 2 minutes someone is injured in a drunk driving crash.
All that separates you from a drunk driver.
Drunk driving will never be trending.
Drunk Driving, one mistake you can't delete.
Drive Sober, Ride or Die, Make American think again.
Doctors, designated drivers, firefighters save lives.
Pick your poison.
Don't let this be your Friday night.  Drunk Driving kills.
Drunk driving is a one way road.
Don't disappoint the ones you love.  Drive sober.
DUI MB  Drive Sober.
Who let the alcohol drive?
Whose blood is on your hands?
Drink, and DrIvE.
How would you like to be labeled?
What's worse than last call?  the call home
Stop and Think before you Drink, Drunk Driving Kills.
It's on you.  drunk drivers murder
Drinking and driving can kill a friendship
$132 billion is spent on drunk driving every year
drunk driving does not discriminate
Drive Sober Drunk Driving Goes Deep