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Shenendehowa Billboard Art Contest 2019

2019 Entries to Promote Awareness of the Dangers of Drinking & Driving

Each year Sallie Way’s Graphic Design classes at Shenendehowa High School team up with Lamar Advertising and The Campion Foundation to design billboards to raise awareness of Drunk Driving. One winner is selected each year and the design is used on a billboard on Rt 9 in Clifton Park, NY for 2 months free of charge.

All contributing students with their entries.
All contributing students with their entries.

Thanks to an impaired driver, they never met.  Drive responsibly.
Rachel Piskun's winning billboard design.


All of the billboard entries from the graphic design classes are shown below.

Drink and drive.  You'll end lives.
Drunk text?  Drive sober.
Don't drink and drive.  Call a taxi.  Not a hospital.
Lights.  Camera.  Action.  Drunk driving causes a scene.
Designated driver.  Empowered to save lives.
Drunk driver.  Things like this never go away.
Drunk driving is blind driving.
Happy to be your designated driver.
Wasted rides.  Wasted lives.  Drive sober.
Drunk driving kills.
Think before you drink.  Drive sober.
Keep us alive.  Don't drink and drive.
Predator vs prey.  Drunk driver vs innocent lives.
Drunk driving shatters lives.
Both shots kill.  Drive safe.  Drive sober.
That's someone's life in your hands.  Drive sober.
Drunk driver.  Are you the monster?
Drunk driver.  Branded for life.
Drunk driver.  Murder.  No more games.
Friend?  Take the keys.
Suspended.  Drive sober.
Not an accident, a choice.  Drive sober.
reckless choIces don'T Save lives cONtrol YOUrself
Alcohol can consume you.  Drive sober.
Drunk drivers tear family apart.
Don't drive.  Think before you drink.
Warning: this bottle contains consequences. Drive sober.
Think before you drink.  Drive sober.
Drunk driving can ruin lives forever.  Drive sober.
Just a shot can change a lot.  Drive sober.
Heads or tails?
Drunk Driving Kills
Get the Message? Drive Sober
Dangerous, Deadly, Dumb, Drunk Driver.
Caps or Cans, the Law Stands
Who will you kill today, drunk driver?
An Unnatural Disaster, Drive Sober
It Only Takes One
Red, like wine.
Drunk (D)r(i)v(e)r
1 Glass, 1 Crash, Lives Forever Trashed
You Call the Shots, Choose Wisely
Drunk Driving is No Game
I Believe We Can Win Against Drunk Driving
Sober driving today, brings a happy tomorrow
Drive safe, Alcohol you when I'm home.
A drunk driver leaves their trace
Drunk driving kills
A drunk driver can take your greatest gift: life
Go: Drunk drivers won't stop for you
2 types of bars: drive sober
You may be stopping a drunk driver
Sobriety drowns road anxiety
Intoxicated driver
Driver sober: your life is ahead of you
Connect the dots: Drunk driver ... murderer
Please drive sober. Sincerely, my grieving parents
Drive like everyone's life is in your hands. Drive sober
If you drive over .08 consequences will await
Drive sober or it's all over
When will you learn your actions have consequences. Drive Sober!
Sob. Sober. Which side are you on?
Drunk driving is a dangerous hobby.