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Child Passenger Safety (CPS) in New York State

On April 1, 1982 New York State's first child passenger restraint law went into effect. In 1985, New York State's mandatory seat belt law was enacted. The seat belt law includes mandatory use of a federally-approved child safety seat for children under four years of age. This page is specifically for Child Passenger Safety Technicians.

Child Passenger Safety Technician Training

CPS training is listed at the Child Passenger Training Calendar.

Child Passenger Safety Technical Conference

The Child Passenger Safety Technical Conference is a collaborative effort among the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) and a number of State and local safety partners interested in the promotion of safety and injury prevention. It is held biennially and aims to increase the level of knowledge and competence of CPS educators, practitioners, technicians, and instructors who are actively engaged in the child passenger safety arenas.

Some areas of focus at the conference are: education, inspection, program management, enforcement, car seat development, distribution, and special needs passengers. This is an opportunity for those who cannot attend a national conference to meet the vehicle and car seat manufacturers as well as government and regulatory officials who will offer the latest information and technology for child passenger safety. The conference will also provide the opportunity to network with other child passenger safety advocates and to share information and ideas.

Attendance at the Child Passenger Safety Technical Conference is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended. The information and activities offered at the conference are essential to remain current in the ever-changing arena of child passenger safety.

Only those Child Passenger Safety Technicians who are currently certified with Safe Kids Worldwide will be invited to this conference and be eligible for financial assistance.

The next CPS Technical Conference will be held in Lake Placid from May 5-7, 2020. The conference will be held at the Conference Center in Lake Placid and registration will open in January 2020. More information will be posted at the Child Passenger Safety Technician Training Calendar as it becomes available.

New York State Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Advisory Board

The New York State Child Passenger Safety Advisory Board was created in January 2004. The CPS Advisory Board advises the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee on child passenger safety issues and promotes a higher level of skill, knowledge, and participation of technicians and instructors to improve child passenger safety in all regions of New York State.

Members of the Board were chosen to represent 14 regions of the state as well as special interests regarding child passenger safety. Each Regional Coordinator has been given the responsibility to help improve communication, provide assistance and program direction, address regional problems and issues, and assure that the Child Passenger Safety Standards of Performance are upheld.

Further information and current members can be found by visiting the NYS CPS Advisory Board webpage.


Questions and comments regarding the statewide Child Passenger Safety Program should be directed to:

Aubrey L. Feldman, MPH, CPH, CHES®, CPST
Child Passenger Safety Program Coordinator
Highway Safety Program Analyst II

Governor's Traffic Safety Committee
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 410B
Albany, NY 12228
B: 518-474-2279