Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

Current Grantees

Grant Award

With the exception of grants approved for $50,000 or more, the grant approval letter is notice of authorization to initiate grant activity on or after the effective date stated and to incur costs as listed in your approved budget. Projects are funded for one year and must coincide with the federal fiscal year, with a start date of October 1 and an end date of September 30. All grant contracts for $50,000 or more will be effective only upon approval by the applicant, the NYS Office of the State Comptroller, the NYS Attorney General and the NYS GTSC. Before incurring any grant-related costs, please login to eGrants and review your approved grant and budget. Items, activities and/or costs may have been reduced or denied during the review process. Only those items, activities and costs approved in your budget are eligible for reimbursement.

Grant Management

All grant management activities including progress reports, claim for payment reimbursement requests and grant modification requests must be submitted through the eGrants system.

It is important to keep user contact information current in eGrants to ensure that grant announcements and updates are received. Please review your organization contact information in the eGrants system by going to the My Profile and My Organization pages. If you have a spam filter, please add the email domain to your list of approved senders.

Project Directors may add additional users to their organization as needed. When adding new agency members to replace existing members, please remember that new agency members must also be added to the current year's grant proposal(s). Project Directors may add new agency members to the current year's grant proposal(s) by using the Management Tools Add/Edit People link within the proposal.


Only those items, activities and costs approved in your budget are eligible for reimbursement. Any changes in the approved budget must be submitted through the eGrants system and approved by the GTSC before costs are incurred. A budget modification cannot increase the dollar amount of the grant award.

Progress and Activity Reports

The GTSC requires a semi-annual progress report and final progress report on all funded projects. Reports must be submitted through the eGrants system. If your organization did not conduct grant funded activity during the reporting period, a semi-annual progress report and final progress report stating so are required. If you have additional documentation you would like to submit with your report, you may upload it, provided it is in electronic format such as a word processer document, a digital image, or an Adobe pdf file. The semi-annual progress report is due by April 15. The final progress report is due by October 15.

Please note that the Police Traffic Services and Child Passenger Safety programs have additional reporting requirements that are unique to that program. Please refer to the Conditions page within each proposal to view the specific reporting requirements for that program and the date each report is due.

Claim for Payment Reimbursement Requests

Police Traffic Services (PTS) Payment Request Instructions (pdf) - New Process in 2018

Reimbursement and documentation requirements for all grant types are outlined in the GTSC's Claim for Payment Instruction Guide (pdf)


The GTSC has the right to conduct on-site monitoring of grant funded projects during the grant year or within 3 years after the end of the grant. The GTSC staff will schedule on-site visits at the mutual convenience of the GTSC and the project director or designee.

Additional Information