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New York State's Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program


The Drug Recognition Expert School is extremely demanding and intense training. To receive certification as a DRE, two phases of training must be completed.

Academic Training The academic training is broken into two components. The first component consists of the Pre-School. This is a two-day program with the objective of ensuring that the student is prepared and capable of completing the seven-day DRE school. The Pre-School is conducted the first 2 days of the academic training. Students must successfully pass a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) proficiency exam as well as a written exam in order to progress to the DRE school. Failure to pass either of these exams will result in dismissal from the course. The second component of the academic training is conducted over 7 days. The training will include instruction in physiology, vital signs, as well as extensive material on each of the seven drug categories of the drugs of abuse and their general indicators. There will be written quizzes. Students must achieve a minimum of 80% on the examinations in order to progress to the Field Certification phase of the training.

Field Certifications After successfully completing the academic portion of the training, the students return for the Field Certification training. Students will be required, under the supervision of Drug Recognition Instructors, to complete a minimum of twelve evaluations on drug impaired individuals. Each student has to correctly identify subjects under the influence of four of the seven drug categories. In addition, the student must maintain a progress log, rolling log and submit a comprehensive resume. At the conclusion of the Field Certification program the student participates in the Comprehensive Final Knowledge Examination and must score a minimum of 80% to become certified.

To be considered for DRE training, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

**NOTE** - In years past the DRE school was conducted in Rensselaerville, NY at the NYS Parks Police Academy. Students were lodged and provided with meals during the 10-day classroom portion of the school. GTSC is experimenting with conducting the DRE schools regionally and as a result, students will no longer receiving lodging or meals during the classroom portion of this training. Students, or their agencies, will be responsible for any travel, lodging, or meal expenses for the classroom phases. GTSC will continue to reimburse travel, lodging, and meal related expenses for the Field Certification phase of this training.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is the regulating organization for the DRE program. DRE certification is valid for two years only. In order to maintain certification, DRE's must conduct a minimum of four evaluations within the two years, submit a rolling log and current resume, and attend sixteen hours of approved re-certification training.

If you need further information contact the State Coordinator.

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