Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

Partners for Safety

The responsibility for traffic safety in New York State is not, and should not be solely the responsibility of governmental agencies.  Since virtually all sectors of society in the Empire State are adversely affected by auto crashes, deaths, injuries and rehabilitation we all have a stake in preventing them.  In addition to the human toll exacted by traffic crashes, there are monumental monetary costs associated with property damage, insurance, emergency response to crash scenes, treatment of victims and lost employment time.

New York State has an admirable highway safety record, and this was achieved only through the concerned and cooperative efforts of many organizations and individuals in both the public and private sectors of our great state.

As a result of these life-saving efforts, the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee inaugurated "Partners for Safety" in 1996 to recognize the special contributions private sector companies and corporations have made to traffic safety.  Private sector initiatives, and cooperative efforts with the GTSC, the Department of Motor Vehicles and other state agencies, help promote traffic safety while making more efficient use of both private and public resources.  Partners for Safety acknowledges the important contributions voluntarily made by the private sector to reduce the number of crashes, save lives and decrease  injuries throughout New York State.


Partners for Safety Honor Roll