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Reexamination of licensees


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Section 506 - Reexamination of licensees

§ 506. Reexamination of licensees. 1. If the commissioner has reasonable grounds to believe that a person holding a license issued pursuant to this article is not qualified to drive a motor vehicle, the commissioner may require such person to submit to an examination to determine his qualifications.
2. The commissioner may require every person holding a license issued pursuant to this article to submit to such an examination as shall be determined by him to be appropriate if such person has been involved in three accidents while driving a motor vehicle or motorcycle within a period of eighteen months, if such accidents were required to be reported by section six hundred five of this chapter.
3. If the licensee satisfactorily passes any such examination, he shall be so informed and his license shall continue to be valid. If he fails to pass, the commissioner shall take such reasonable action as may be required. Such action may consist of imposing restrictions on the use of the license of such person, in suspending such license for a definite or indefinite period, or in revoking such license. If any such person fails after reasonable notice or refuses to submit to an examination, the commissioner may revoke his license or suspend it for an indefinite period solely because of such failure or refusal.
4. Any person holding a license issued pursuant to this chapter who suffers permanent loss of use of one or both hands or arms or of one or both feet or legs, or one eye shall, before operating any motor vehicle or motorcycle make report thereof to the commissioner, who shall take such reasonable action as may be proper under the provisions of this section.
5. Upon the permanent loss of use of both eyes a license issued under this article shall be null and void.

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